The Raising Emotionally Healthy Families Summit was held May 7-14, 2024.

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ACCESS TO 30+ Video trainings from top industry experts, PLUS:

  • Unlimited replays of all 35+ video interviews at your fingertips so you won't miss a single interview
  • On-the-go audio recordings so you can learn how to help your kid while driving, on walks, or getting ready for bed
  • 35+ exclusive mini-videos from experts for children to help them build emotional resillience
  • Lifetime access to the Summit Interviews so you can revisit them at your leisure

Featuring 35+ Experts & Top Influencers

Get your on-demand Lifetime VIP All Access Pass to top parenting & relationship experts who'll show you how to help you and your children develop greater emotional resillience for you and your kids, so you can strengthen the love & connection in your home.

That's right - when you purchase NOW for just $97
you can get your ALL ACCESS PASS that includes...

All-Access Backstage Pass
VIDEO Recordings

Have the convenience to listen to all 30+ interviews on the go with the audio files, or watch on demand with the videos.

All-Access Backstage Pass

AUDIO Recordings

Access and download the audio from all 30 interviews, so you can listen to them on the go.

35+ EXCLUSIVE Mini-Videos for Parents & Kids

Summit speakers recorded a special message about helping kids with emotional health - that aren't available elsewhere in this summit.

2 Weeks Free in the Emotionally Healthy Families Membership

Transform your family dynamic & parenting experience. Get non-judgemental support & personalized resources to help you learn to manage your emotions, so you can help your kids learn to manage them.



I hand-picked speakers and influencers at the top of their game. They’re some of the top parenting experts in the world and, most importantly, they’re teaching from experience, not from theory.

Despite their busy schedules, each of these speakers jumped on board for this event and promised to teach their best stuff. All I can say is, you’re in for a treat!

What does the All Access VIP Pass include?

The All Access VIP Pass gives you comprehensive access to the Raising Emotionally Healthy Families Summit, including:

*35+ video trainings from industry experts.

*Unlimited replays of all 35+ video interviews.

*Audio recordings of all interviews for on-the-go learning.

*35+ exclusive mini-videos for children to build emotional resilience.

*Lifetime access to all the summit interviews and content.

What does the All Access VIP Pass include?

"Lifetime access" refers to your ability to access the summit content for as long as the content is hosted on our platform. This means you can revisit the interviews and resources anytime you want, without any restrictions, throughout the life of the ThriveCart & Enlightening Motherhood LLC platforms. The term "lifetime" is tied to the active life of the content online, not the lifespan of any individual.

Can I access the summit content on different devices?

Yes, you can access all the summit content including video trainings, audio recordings, and exclusive mini-videos from any device. Whether you're using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, our platform is designed to ensure that you can easily access and enjoy all the resources at your convenience, wherever you are.

How do I know if the All Access VIP Pass is right for me?

If you're a parent or caregiver looking to enhance your family's emotional wellbeing, this pass is designed for you. The All Access VIP Pass is ideal if you:

*Want expert insights and practical tips on raising emotionally resilient children.

*Seek convenient, on-the-go learning options to fit your busy lifestyle.

*Value having a resource that grows with your family's needs, allowing you to revisit topics as your children grow.

*Appreciate having a variety of formats, from video to audio, so you can learn in the way that best suits you.

*Are looking for content that both you and your children can learn from and enjoy together.

If these points resonate with your current needs and goals for family wellness, then the All Access VIP Pass is likely a perfect fit for you.

How do I know if the All Access VIP Pass is right for me?

We aim to be transparent about our pricing structure to ensure you feel confident and informed about your purchase decision.

We believe in rewarding those who commit early to enhancing their family’s emotional health, which is why we offer the All Access VIP Pass at a reduced price of $57 as an early bird special. This initial offer is a way to say thank you to our early participants and provide them with exceptional value.

The price increases as the summit date approaches—$77 during the summit and $97 post-summit.

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