Looking to raise an emotionally healthy family?

You're in the right place.

Many moms feel frustrated with their child's meltdowns - especially when that child is no longer a toddler.

You keep waiting for your child to grow out of it...but they haven't. They're still throwing fits, and you're still feeling worn out, trying to figure out how to help them learn emotional regulation.

Ever struggle with...?

  • Difficulty controlling your own emotions when your kid is freaking out
  • Wishing your home was less chaotic
  • Suffocating mom guilt
  • Find it hard to enjoy your kids even though you love them fiercely
  • Motherhood being SO hard
  • Wanting to be a better mom & have a better relationship with your child

Ready for..


A better relationship with your child


Less negativity and more peace at home


A brighter future for everyone

Helping your kid learn emotional regulation doesn't need to feel so impossible

Empower yourself to confidently help your child & learn to better handle their big emotions.

Here's how you can work with me:

Why is My Child Melting Down? Mini-Training



Ever feel confused by your child's meltdowns?


(Hint: it's not *really* about the shape of their sandwich.)


This cheatsheet & mini-training help you identify why your child is melting down, so you have a starting place for effectively handling those meltdowns.

Emotionally Intelligent Kids


Worried about your kid's meltdowns?

Wish they could handle their big emotions in a healthier way?

Join Emotionally Healthy Kids & get instant access to 30+ resourcs to help make learning emotional intelligence fun and stress free. Plus get new resources each month & access to a private community where you can ask me any question!

Emotionally Healthy Families



Want to save time and overcome the frustration, overwhelm, and loneliness from parenting a child with intense emotions?


With on-demand videos, worksheets, group coaching, and a supportive online community, you'll have immediate access to the tools you need to create an emotionally regulated home and enjoy a better relationship with your child.


Goodbye guilt and shame. Hello being calm, confident, and in control.

Be guided by someone who "gets it"

Experienced & Relatable

Hey there! I'm Emily Hamblin.

I absolutely adore my neurodvergent family, but between the challenges we've faced and many years of experience as an educator, I understand the overwhelm that can come when parenting a child with challenging behaviors...especially when s/he hasn't seemed to outgrow their challenges quite like you thought they would.

And I know you don't need to stay in that space.


I have undergone the transformation of going from frustrated and stressed to calm and in control - and would love to help you make that same journey.

I'd love to connect with you on Instagram or Facebook

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